i-TRIBOMAT will provide the world’s first Open Innovation Test Bed dedicated to validating and up-scaling new materials, thereby enabling intelligent Tribological Materials Characterisation and fostering industrial innovation in the European manufacturing industry.

Wherever moving bodies are in contact, the constitutive materials contributing to friction and wear determining the tribological performance of engineering components and machines. To facilitate the intelligent tribological materials characterisation i-TRIBOMAT integrates the most important tribological testing facilities at EU level with user-driven IT tools to validate new materials for components. The goal of i-TRIBOMAT is to reduce costs and time-to-market, when up-scaling materials.

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We are member of joint undertaking Shift2Rail and the Virtual Vehicle Austria Consortium+ (VVAC+). Shift2Rail is a research initiative and public-private-partnership between the EU and the rail sector. In the Shift2Rail research period, AC²T is involved in more than seven specific projects within the following two work focuses:

IN2TRACK - Research into enhanced tracks, switches and structures

AC²T’s role in the project is focused on:

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FR8RAIL - Development of Functional Requirement for Sustainable and Attractive European Rail Freight

AC²T’s role in the project is focused on:

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triboREMEDY: The triboreactor as breakthrough remediation strategy for safeguarding human and environmental health.

Environmental remediation for safeguarding human health is difficult. Effective processes enabling scalable operability are lacking. triboREMEDY aims at solving this impasse by providing the foundational steps towards the novel technology called “tribolysis” for safe, controlled, and efficient degradation of hazardous chemicals and effective inactivation of the pathogens.

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