Research Location Linz

AC2T research GmbH (AC²T), the Austrian Competence Centre for Tribology, has been established at the Wiener Neustadt location since 2002; alongside these headquarters, AC²T has also operated a location in Linz since 2015.

Linz was chosen as a location because it enabled more efficient cooperation with relevant industrial clients, as well as the more optimum inclusion of scientific cooperation partners from Upper Austria and their available infrastructure.

Spectrum of specialist services

The thematic focus of the AC²T research location Linz is on the field of “application-oriented tribodiagnostics”. The spectrum of services concentrates on the following areas:

With this spectrum of services combined with the comprehensive tribological and analytical competence at the main location in Wiener Neustadt, tribological issues of clients in Upper Austria are processed in a client-oriented, time-efficient manner.



Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Martin Jech

Principal scientist – wear determinations in the nanometre range

Head of research location Linz

20 years of experience in tribology

Customized Solutions for Industrial Innovations