Contact for whistleblowing

As a research centre that also receives public funding, lawful conduct and compliance with internal company guidelines are of central concern to us.

The possibility of reporting damaging behaviour or behaviour that does not comply with the law or guidelines is provided by our external whistleblowing reporting office.

Our whistleblowing reporting office – implemented by an independent ombudsman’s office – accepts pertinent information by telephone or e-mail, forwards it anonymously and, if desired, provides feedback.

Every report is treated confidentially and the anonymity of the person making the report is preserved.

Any relevant information helps us to recognise behaviour that is harmful to the company at an early stage and to counteract this behaviour.

Thank you for your trust and cooperation.

E-mail address: AC2T.Hinweisgeber[at]gmx.at
Telephone: +43 699 115 80 450 (also SMS or via mobile box)