AC²T appointed new scientific management

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After thorough preparation, following an international tender, internal and external applications, as well as relevant discussions and decisions in the general assembly of AC2T research GmbH, a new scientific management of our Excellence Center has been appointed, effective Sept. 1st, 2016. Not least because of the technical breadth of Tribology and the upcoming challenges, a scientific management team has been installed. Prof. FRANEK, co-initiator of the Centre, has held the function of scientific management since the founding of AC²T in the year 2002 and, after reaching the legal retirement age, has retired from his position at the Vienna University of Technology roughly two years ago. Corresponding changes were therefore on the horizon also for the Centre of Excellence.

Above all, in the interests of continuity, we opted for an internal succession in the scientific management: Prof. FRANEK handed over his relevant agenda to Ms. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Nicole DÖRR and Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Ewald BADISCH, both in the function of “Scientific Head”.

Dr. Nicole DÖRR
has been in the AC²T team since the founding of the Centre of Excellence in various roles, most recently as head of the research area “Lubricants and Interface Mechanisms”. Nicole DÖRR is an experienced chemist and at the same time a skilled polymer engineer.

is material scientist and joined our team already in 2004. He spent several years as head of the research area “Wear Processes” and the most recent years as Deputy Scientific Head within the Centre of Excellence.

Prof. FRANEK will remain at the Centre of Excellence with a limited amount of hours – as a member of the AC²T Management Board and key researcher. His activities will now increasingly focus on the dissemination of his knowledge and his experience to young colleagues. Where desired, he will also play a part in projects and company collaborations.

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