Laser Build-Up Welding

Diode laser device

laser cladding for protection against corrosion and wear

direct diode laser cladding is used for deposition of metallic powders, whereas conduct of process for high quality and high deposition rates are necessary

laser cladding of metallic based powder composites

validation and optimisation of high power laser systems for tribological claddings

direct diode laser system 10 kW; powder feeder; co-axial feeding system; nozzle width < 24 mm; 6-axis manipulation unit; load capacity 60 kg; positioning unit for turning specimen with load capacity up to 200 kg

specimen dimensions: < 1000×750 mm, height < 500 mm, specimen weight < 200 kg



KATSICH Christian

Plasma transferred arc welding device

plasma powder welding, cold wire plasma welding

with the PTA welding process, a coating of a component with a high-performance material (powder) is prepared in order to provide specific superficial wear resistance properties

hardfacing of powder and wire feedstock

process optimisation of PTA hardfacings with or without hard particle reinforcement

welding current range: 6 – 350 A; 2 powder feeders; cold wire feeder: 1.6 mm

specimen dimensions: < 500×500 mm, height: < 200 mm

Plasma Lichtbogen Schweißanlage


KATSICH Christian