Area 2 - Wear Reduction Strategies for Industry

Wear Reduction Strategies

This area focuses on the detailed understanding and controlling of the wear processes in technically relevant systems. Wear is influenced by several parameters, e.g. loading situation,environmental conditions and the materials operating within the tribological systems.

 Therefore, the physical impact on materials under thermal/chemical environmental conditions is the focus of our research. Targeted investigations on a wide materials range (e.g., metals, ceramics, hard coatings and polymers), dimensions (geometry, structure, topography) and testing methods (parameters) are carried out.

For a detailed understanding of the wear processes, very early changes of near-surface zones in materials are investigated with novel analytical techniques providing maximum resolution (e.g., residual stress distribution, crack propagation, plastic deformation). Experimental research on the stress profiles under mechanical/thermal loads allows the development of a comprehensive understanding of surface damage under tribological conditions.

Core competence of the area wear processes is adjusting the experimental laboratory scale in order to simulate application conditions of the wear mechanisms, with the development of knowledge and solutions. The scientific interpretation of experiments strengthens the theoretical approach and serves as basis for formulation of wear algorithms.

Major goals of the area are the technological realisation of wear resistant materials and coatings (especially with AC²T PTA technology) and the design and prediction of best-selected materials for specific applications.

Management and coordination


Dr. Manel Rodriguez Ripoll, MSc

Organisation: AC2T research GmbH




Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carsten Gachot

Organisation: Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Engineering Design and Logistics Engineering