Research Area 4 - Synaptic Tribology

Synaptic Tribology

Tribological processes, e.g. friction and wear processes, are multiscale phenomena in their nature, i.e. hierarchical in length and time.

Therefore, tribological systems can be realistically modelled/simulated only in a multiscale manner, namely by coupling different computational methods, which are highly accurate on their typical length/time scales.

This represents the only practicable approach to model and simulate tribological processes in their full complexity by accounting on the same footing for all multiscale and multi-disciplinary aspects. Advanced theoretical/numerical activities will yield novel insights and findings, which in turn will further promote other closely related scientific and technological developments.

The area also supports all the computational efforts in the centre by providing adequate theoretical models, numerical algorithms, and software tools. Approaches and methods well-established in the mother disciplines are adopted and extended for the first time to understand important tribological mechanisms.

In particular, different techniques which are deemed as appropriate on a specific time/length scale are combined into new schemes to cover all hierarchical aspects of the various processes involved.

Finally, it is the ultimate goal of this area to bridge the gap between the relevant scales and thus to establish a new and self-standing research field in Austria.


Dr.mont. Markus Varga, MSc

Organisation: AC2T research GmbH