Tribosystem-Modelling & Simulation - SIM


Our activities focus on modelling and simulating tribological processes or systems as well as the development of theoretical / mathematical models and their numerical implementation. Furthermore, the preparation of tailor-made data acquisition and tribometer control software, as well as the operation and maintenance of the necessary IT infrastructure.


  • Theoretically / mathematically modelling of tribological processes and systems on various length and time scales
  • Numerically simulation of models using commercially available or self-developed software
  • Development/implementation of algorithms / routines for data analysis and visualisation
  • Development/implementation of test rig control and data acquisition software


  • Sound basic knowledge in the key fields of tribology relevant for modelling
  • Contact mechanics, materials physics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, molecular physics, theoretical condensed matter physics
  • Finite element method, boundary element method, molecular dynamics, ab initio (DFT) methods
  • Many years of experience in the selection and development of numerical algorithms for data analysis and visualisation. Extensive experience in the implementation of test control and data acquisition software (called "TriboSoft") using LabView


  • Multi-physics simulations with the FE software COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Contact mechanics of rough surfaces using the boundary element method
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of tribological systems in mixed and boundary lubrication
  • Topography analysis of rough surfaces - wavelet-based multiresolution analysis, differential topography analysis, wear volume calculation

Web Seminar Series on Tribology

WeSST 2020 - Prof. Robert Carpick and Dr. Stefan J. Eder


Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Stefan Krenn, MSc
Leader of Pool "Tribosystem-Modelling & Simulation"