Surface Processing & Design - SUP


Our activities focus on the development and application of technological processes for the thermochemical / physical as well as geometrical surface or material modification, with the purpose of producing functional tribological surfaces and volumes, as well as evaluating their effect on mineral-abrasive load.


  • We apply tribological functional materials on metallic substrates
  • We correlate process parameters with microstructural properties, taking into account the physical process conditions
  • We provide process support in the production of multi-phase systems of selected thermochemical and mechanical processes (e.g., powder metallurgy, casting, thermal spraying, surface hammering)
  • We conduct heat treatment processes in various atmospheres
  • We carry out wear tests in abrasive environments (dry, moist, elevated temperature) and evaluate the wear behaviour


  • Plasma transferred arc process
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Thermal spraying
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface finishing processes
  • Knowledge on material forming processes
  • Oxidation and scaling
  • Material knowledge for forming process
  • Wear tests in mineral-abrasive environments


  • Evaluation of the influence of technology process parameters on the tribological properties of functional materials, particularly wear resistant thick film systems in abrasive environments 


Dipl.-Ing. Christian Katsich
Senior Scientist
Leader of Pool "Surface Processing & Design"