Research Cooperation - RES


Our activities focus on central interdisciplinary decision-making and control to ensure optimal interaction between the research areas and to design the strategic direction of the centre of excellence.


  • We make decisions regarding research collaborations, R&D project proposals and internal project assignments, etc.
  • We control the scientific progress of the projects and approve the scientific project documentation for reporting to funding bodies, international advisory board, etc.
  • Management of our annual reviewing process with international peers
  • Coordination and management of the internal scientific knowledge transfer


  • Knowledge about the framework and the requirements to control a centre of excellence for tribology
  • Holistic knowledge about tribology-focussed R&D projects 


Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Nicole Dörr
Leitende Wissenschaftlerin
Scientific Head


Dr. mont. Ewald Badisch
Leitender Wissenschaftler
Scientific Head