Metrology in Tribology - MET


Our activities focus on the exploration, optimisation, and implementation of tribology-focused methods of measurement and sensor systems as well as their application.


  • We develop sensors for detecting states and state changes in the tribological contact
  • We carry our online characterisation of tribological systems
  • We perform extended analyses of topographies (for correlation with tribological function)


  • Knowledge of physical measurement methods for the detection of dynamic tribological characteristics (such as friction, wear, temperature, load, speed, surface changes, or accelerations)
  • Experience in sensor selection and implementation (control and evaluation) for tribology-focused quantities
  • Combination of measurements for the diagnosis of the tribological system


  • Online wear measurement in the micrometre (eddy current and confocal chromatic sensors) to nanometre range (using radio isotopes and particle characterisation methods)
  • Characterisation of surface topographies (white light confocal microscopy, light scattering analysis, time-lapse visualisation)
  • Detection of spontaneous events in the tribo-contact (high-speed visualisation, high-speed temperature measurement, vibration measurement, acoustic wear detection)
  • Measurement of the electrical properties of an electrically loaded tribo-contact


Ing. Reinhard Grundtner, MSc
Junior Scientist
Leader of Pool "Metrology in Tribology"