Materials Analysis - MAN


Our activities focus on the determination of material-specific physical / chemical / mechanical properties and damage analysis of tribologically loaded solid system elements, preferably those close to the surface.


  • Determination of material parameters (e.g., structure, hardness, elastic modulus, chemical element and phase distribution, thermal, magnetic and electric properties)
  • Mathematical and statistical methods for the quantitative characterisation of phase ratios and 3D texturing parameters
  • Materialography and damage analysis


  • Pre- and post-test physical analysis of the history of solid samples
  • Competence in the qualitative and quantitative description of solid materials by applying different methods on the macro-, micro- and nano-scale
  • Use of image analysis techniques for analysing microstructures (surface or bulk) or the determination of the geometrical parameters of particle systems
  • Competent in the use of the necessary microscopic methods
  • Competence in the qualitative and quantitative characterisation of composite materials, in particular hard phase and hard particle composites
  • Competence in the kinetics of material reactions at elevated temperatures


  • Application of mathematical and statistical methods for the quantitative description of multiphase- or multicomponent-materials with special tribological properties
  • Competence in the characterisation of tribologically stressed materials in the near-surface region


Ing. Markus Premauer
Junior Scientist
Leader of Pool "Material Analysis"