Lubricants and Lubrication - LUB


Our activities focus on the analysis, characterisation and condition monitoring of fresh and in-service lubricants and fuels, both with analytical methods in the laboratory ("Oil Condition Monitoring"), as well as in application (mobile analysers, online analysis). Furthermore, the development and implementation of application-relevant ageing methods for realistic simulation of changes in lubricants and fuels during use.


  • Chemical analysis including data interpretation
  • Advise of clients and offer on-site services (online and inline analysis)


  • Competence in connection with all matters relating to the concept of "lubricants and fuels". This includes statements about the current state and the behaviour in use, as well as guidance in the selection and / or the use of lubricants and fuels.
  • Viscometry, spectroscopy, elemental analysis, acid / base content, water content, flash point, interfacial properties, electrical indicators, low-temperature behaviour, residue analysis, corrosion behaviour, ageing and circuits, integrated oil condition analysis, etc.


  • Identification of changes in the lubricant due to tribological loading
  • Creation of optimisation approaches for increasing lubricant performance
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of individual components in the overall system “lubricant” 


Ing. Rainer Franz
Junior Scientist
Leader of Pool "Lubricants & Lubrication"