Engineering & Prototyping - PRO


Our activities focus on designing and manufacturing tribometers or experimental laboratory setups, producing mechatronic prototypes, test samples, and test-specific sample holders, as well as carrying out the maintenance, repair and optimisation of devices.


  • Development, design and assembling of laboratory setups and measurement systems
  • Development and design of sensors for online measurement of lubricant parameters
  • Adaptation of laboratory infrastructure for the extension and optimisation of experiments
  • Training of experimental engineers


  • Years of experience for conceptual design, production, adaptation, commissioning and documentation of tribometers and experimental laboratory setups
  • Knowledge of mechatronic engineering / design (e.g., using Solid Edge, SolidWorks)
  • Know-how on the technical feasibility of measuring tasks and implementation of measuring technology
  • Configuration / commissioning of software for acquisition and control of data acquisition (using our software "Tribosoft")


  • Design and realisation of mechanical / dynamic laboratory equipment (tribometers)
  • Design and application of tribology-focused measurement and sensor systems


Rainer Jahn
"Engineering & Prototyping"