Advanced Chemical Analysis - ACA


Our activities focus on the chemical (nanoscopic) characterisation of lubricant and fuel components, their interaction with tribologically relevant surfaces as well as the material surfaces themselves. Furthermore, the design, synthesis and characterisation of specific substances for application in lubricants.


  • We provide expertise in chemical qualification and quantification of components relevant at the molecular or atomic level
  • We create / refine methods for the separation, identification and determination of concentration of substances from complex mixtures in the bulk and on surfaces by means of high-end analytical methods
  • We design and synthesise reference compounds, novel base components and additives, as well as molecularly modified surfaces (for tribologically relevant processes)


  • Molecular (nanoscopic) effects of additives and additive groups in lubricants and fuels
  • Chemical mechanisms of dry-lubricated systems
  • Application / development of appropriate analysis tools to explore the mechanisms of action of chemical substances on material surfaces
  • Chemical synthesis


  • Clear qualitative and quantitative evidence (even in trace amounts) of lubricants and fuel components
  • Identification of the chemical structure of ageing products in lubricant and fuel components
  • Chemically focused surface analysis, characterisation of tribochemical and (tribo-)corrosive layers
  • Development of analytical methods 
  • analytische Methodenentwicklung
  • Molecular analysis in non-aqueous systems
  • Synthesis


Josef Brenner
Senior Scientist
Leader of Pool "Advanced Chemical Analysis"