Senior Scientist

Core tasks: independent scientific work. Definition of R & D projects and project objectives, coordination of projects and project leaders, preparation of scientific papers which the researcher can also use for personal academic advancement, e.g. Habilitation, use of publications, review of internal and external publications, active and passive participation in professional events and further training measures, acquisition of R & D projects and service contracts, independent handling of R & D projects, participation in training measures

Prerequisites: Completion of a doctoral thesis or excellent results as a researcher, a strong interest in fundamental research, extensive knowledge in tribology, high-quality peer-reviewed publications, proven in at least one competence area, established with other scientists in the field, multi-year experience in a scientific role, ability to develop a core competence of the competence center and to generate a critical mass of activities.

Training: project management, cooperation with scientific partners.

Career path: ongoing deepening of individual core competences and long-term activity as a technical expert; alternatively qualification for the "key researcher" career level.

Exit path: Researchers orient themselves with their core competence towards a spin-off or externally towards the industrial sector as well as internally in the direction of a leader in service or organizational functions.