Organisation - Overview

  • The organization aims to build a highly flexible structure with minimum levels of management. The human capacity and equipment capacity are assigned to the scientific relevant "Pool". The research projects are assigned to one of the four research areas ("Area") which are arranged as matrix organisation.

  • Pool leaders and Area leaders are appointed for a term of 2 years, after which there is a re-tendering of the respective position, in which all employees can apply on the basis of personal qualifications and engagement. This means that all employees have the opportunity to change between management responsibilities and professional activities regularly.

  • Pool leaders and area leaders report to the Board.

  • Project leaders will be appointed for the duration of the project and report to the Area leaders.
    Project leaders manage the professional project process, pay attention to the compliance with the budget and support the formal and informal communication between the project staff, the science and the business partners securely.

  • The internal processes are defined in a comprehensive organization manual. In regular staff workshops all employees will be informed about current changes in the competence centre.

  • In internal project management meetings the project leaders will be instructed regarding the required processes.

  • Regular presentations are subject to the internal knowledge dissemination. Regular meeting attendance and presentations allow the staff to evaluate the knowledge both nationally and internationally.