InTribology Strategy Board

The Strategy Board is an independent body of all InTribology partners and the Center of Excellence within the COMET-K2 project "InTribology". At least two members should have a scientific focus, and at least two members an economic focus.

The task of the Strategy Board is on the one hand the evaluation of the implementation of the research program according to the funding contract and the agreed target values, and on the other hand to make recommendations if different views of InTribology agreement partners arise regarding the interpretation of the rules in the InTribology-Agreement.

The Strategic Board consists of the following 5 persons, two members being nominated jointly by the company partners and scientific partners, two members being nominated by the shareholders of the Center of Excellence, and the fifth member being nominated by the previously nominated 4 members. As a whole, the members of the Strategic Board optimally represent the selection specifications.


in alphabetical order of the surname



Dr. MISCHLER Stefano

EPFL Lausanne

Expert in surface analysis, tribocorrosion and coatings for tribosystems; head of the tribology group at EPFL's Metallurgical Chemistry Laboratory
Academic qualification: Materials Science (ETH Zurich), EPFL Lausanne.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. POLL Gerhard

Leibniz University Hannover

Expert in tribology with technical specialisation in the field of powertrains; board member of the German Society for Tribology (GfT)
Academic qualification: Mechanical Engineering

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Management consultant

Board member at Schunk Hoffmann Carbon Technology until the end of 2016; prior to that, other positions in the industrial "technical carbon" sector
Expertise in tribology of carbon materials and in management
Academic qualification: Mathematics, Physics, and Biology; PhD in Theoretical Computer Science

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Mag. ROITHER Michaela Diane

Federation of Industry of Lower Austria

since 2005 Managing Director of the Federation of Austrian Industries of Lower Austria
Academic qualification: Business Administration

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Mag. SCHICKER Barbara

Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Advisor in the Association of the Metalworking Industry; focus: Managing Director of the Surface Technology Working Group
Academic qualification: Law

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